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Our Instructors

Amanda Moltisanti

National title holder, Amanda Moltisanti, has been a dancer for more than 19 years and still performs and competes nationally. Through her work with top-notch teachers and renowned artists, she is trained in classical ballet, modern, contemporary, Latin and ballroom. She shares her passion of movement through teaching, performing and choreographing and has been teaching dance for over 10 years now in various styles and techniques and continues inspiring and educating all ages in the art of dance.

Amanda first began training in Pilates as a way to enhance her dancing. She immediately discovered its life-changing benefits and embarked on her Pilates certification. Currently, she works with a vast array of Pilates students: dancers, athletes, pre- and post-natal women, clients with injuries such as scoliosis, osteoporosis and other conditions, and anyone else interested in enhancing their lives through Pilates and movement.

In addition to Pilates and dance, Amanda teaches barre and many other fitness classes and has studied several holistic body methods such as Alexander Technique, Gyrotonics, Feldenkrais, Body Rolling, and Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Debra Nugent

Debby firmly believes that the key to a healthy life is a combination of strength and flexibility in both a physical and mental capacity. Her passion for pilates comes from the ability to help her clients connect with their body on a profound level. Being a student of movement all her life she has learned to treat the body as a holistic organism, allowing clients to get more from each session.

Debby is Comprehensively Certified in the Classical Pilates Technique from Core Pilates NYC, with additional credentials in Pilates in Pregnancy, Jump board and the use of Modern Props. She is also an Experienced-Registered-Yoga-Instructor with the Yoga Alliance and holds Barre certifications from Exhale and Booty Barre. In her free time she enjoys surfing, snowboarding and hiking with her dog Piper.

Alison Nunez

Alison is a professional business woman working at a major sports league and an amateur tango dancer. Keenly aware of how one's physical and mental aptitude can impact a career and daily life, she firmly believes that pilates is pivotal in providing sustenance for her personal and professional well-being. Unique in its mind-body connection, she applies its guiding principles outside the studio to power her through a hectic New York City day. As a pilates instructor, it is her goal to prepare her clients to feel mentally and physically stronger as result of concentrated and focused exercise.

Alison is Comprehensively Certified in the Classical Pilates Technique from Core Pilates NYC. Along with the ability to structure classes incorporating all apparatus (Reformer, Tower, Chair, Cadillac), she is proficient at using Modern Props and teaching mat classes of all levels. In her spare time, she can be seen dancing tango wherever the music is playing.

Emily Relyea-Spivack

Emily holds a BFA in Dance from The University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she had opportunities to work with world-renown artists and choreographers. Although Emily has been practicing mat Pilates for over eight years now, she discovered Pilates apparatus work after her second knee surgery in 2012, when her physical therapist rehabbed her on the versatile equipment. This experience led Emily to realize the powerful effect Pilates could have on correcting and strengthening the anatomy and she grew eager to learn more.

Emily is certified as a Studio Practitioner through Polestar Pilates. She genuinely enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities and makes sure to challenge each individual body appropriately. She uses a variety of cues in her teaching technique as an attempt to achieve a harmonious mind-body connection. Emily’s extensive knowledge on the anatomy’s biomechanics and potential pathologies enables her to guide her clients through a safe, challenging, and hopefully fun workout, no matter what level a client is at.

Shauna Jenkisson

Shauna was first introduced to Pilates as part of the ballet curriculum during her dance training. She found it had the ability to greatly sharpen the technical part of dancing and quickly began to include more of it into her physical practice.

She received her first full certification from Physical Mind Institute, in addition she is certified through IM=X Pilates (Integrated Movement Xercize) a cross conditioning system that fuses elements of strength training, Pilates Reformer work, plyometric jumps for an athletically oriented workout.  She then went on to become a certifying instructor at IM=X Pilates where she certified students in the IM=X method of training as well gaining experience working with people with injuries and special populations.

She teaches fusion style classes which incorporate basic ballet techniques, Pilates and Yoga.  She has over 6 years experience working with pre and post natal clients.

Shauna’s clients gain from her classical and contemporary background and her unconventional, innovative and highly effective teaching style.  She believes that set and setting are of the utmost importance, and provides a fun, challenging, friendly atmosphere where people can relax into their fitness regime.