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All new clients are asked to fill out our New Client Assessment Form (may be filled out and sent to us online) and Liability Waiver (this will need signature and date. Download pdf HERE.) prior to their first session. Both forms must be submitted to us before participation can take place at 4th Street Pilates studio.

All Limited Monthly Packages are put on a reoccurring monthly billing. On the first of every month, your monthly membership fee will be deducted from your bank account for the duration of the membership.

Sessions do not roll over if going unused during the month. A missed session during the month will result in the forfeit of a session. All clients are allowed to miss one session without penalty for a 6-month membership and two sessions for a 12-month membership. Clients will be able to add that missed session(s) to the end of their package.

If you are traveling for over one week or have a medical reason with proper documentation, you may freeze your membership for one month. You will still be billed for that month and a month will be added to the end date of your membership.

Early cancellation of your membership will result in a cancellation fee of 1 month. The fee cost will be determined by the cost of your individual package. Exemptions of this cancellation fee are as follows: moving 30+ miles away from the studio or a medical condition preventing you from exercising for a prolonged period of time. All medical issues are a case-by-case basis and must provide concrete documentation from your physician.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations made prior to 24 hours of scheduled session will be credited back to your account for a private session. Package holders will not have a session deducted from their package.

All cancellations made within 24 hours of a scheduled session will require payment in full for a private session. This includes switching sessions times on the same day. Package holders will have one session deducted from their package.

Package Expiration

All private sessions and packages have an expiration date from the date of purchase.

  Private session, 1 month

  5 sessions, 3 months

  10 sessions, 6 months

  20 sessions, 9 months