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Pilates is a body-conditioning methodology and is a complete exercise system that strengthens the muscles while lengthening them. Pilates focuses on the ‘core,’ muscles of the back and stomach and also targets the intrinsic, supporting muscles to give a long, lean physique. Movements are low-impact and are done in a sequence with few repetitions, emphasizing form and alignment. Integrated with the breathing techniques, Pilates sessions will help you focus so that the mind becomes more in tune with the body, creating a connection that can be carried out of the studio to improve grace, balance, and focus in daily life.

Is Pilates Right For You?

Let's find out

Free Semi-Private Beginners Reformer Session/Lesson

55 minutes - Open to beginners

Fun is the best way to describe this Semi-Private Beginner Class. Learn basic Pilates movement patterns and principles while working out on our Reformers and Mixed Apparatus. Gain the confidence that will allow you to easily transition into any of our Semi Private sessions.

We Also Offer Private One-on-One Evaluations

Our private evaluations are designed for clients to experience the instructors and the studio first hand. Instructors go over client’s physical history, answer any questions, and begin teaching the fundamentals of the Pilates Method.

We urge all new clients, especially those with particular injuries, to start their Pilates practice with this complimentary evaluation. Call to book.

Pilates Beginner Package

We welcome beginners of all levels

Pilates Beginner sessions are designed to ensure that all clients have the necessary knowledge and practice to create effective movement patterns during each Pilates session while maintaining a safe environment.

Beginner Package includes:

  • • 3 private sessions with one of our instructors
  • • A full body assessment
  • • Teaching of the Pilates principles
  • • An introduction to all of our equipment
  • • A recommended course of progression

Private & Duet Sessions

Apparatus Private & Duet Sessions

All of our Apparatus Sessions are designed to integrate all of the Pilates apparatus, which include the Reformer, Cadillac, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Tower, and Mat.

Private Sessions are best for individuals with specific needs and goals in mind and who appreciate the continual one-on-one guidance and focused attention of a certified instructor.

Duet Sessions* are ideal for two people with one instructor looking for a more intimate setting as opposed to sharing the session with a third or fourth person as in a Group Reformer Class.

If you have a training partner already, great! If not, we will partner you with another individual who has a similar desire to achieve their fitness goals. Both of you will benefit from the support of training with a partner.

* To participate in any Duet session, clients must have prior Pilates experience.

Semi-Private Classes

Small groups of 4 clients per class

Semi-Private Classes* are designed to accommodate only 4 clients per class. This ensures each person gets personalized attention and instruction. We offer a variety of Semi-Private classes to accommodate all facets of Pilates training. Our instructors will assist clients in determining their rate of progression, answer questions and provide feedback.

We provide integrated training on all of our Pilates apparatus, including Reformer, Cadillac, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Tower and Mat.

* To participate in any semi-private class, clients must have prior Pilates experience.

Pilates Mat - Group Classes & Duets

Mat Group Classes & Duet Sessions

Mat Pilates Group Classes and Duet Sessions are the floor work version of the Pilates method using your body weight as the primary source of resistance.

4th Street Pilates offers Mat Group Classes & Duet Sessions for clients with previous Pilates experience. Participants must have a general understanding of the basic principles and a familiarity with the routine prior to attending.

Prenatal Pilates - Private & Duet

Prenatal Pilates Private & Duet Sessions

The Prenatal Pilates Sessions are Private or Duet Reformer. Each session will be designed and implemented specifically to prenatal women throughout all stages of pregnancy, with specific focus on:

  • • Proper breathing
  • • The pelvic floor
  • • The transverse
  • • Preventing a diastisis
  • • Maintaining mobility through safe exercises

Mommy Pilates - Private & Duet

Mommy Pilates Private & Duet Sessions

The Mommy Pilates are Private or Duet Reformer/Tower Sessions. Each session will be designed and implemented to strengthen a women’s body post-pardom, with specific focus on pelvic floor and transverse.